The real Office comes to your browser

With al respect to what’s already out there, what I saw in the PDC Keynote demo looked so much better!

Check out this video the hear about the Office Web Applications. Just 9 minutes and you’ll wish it was here today!

It uses HTML+Javascript and also Silverlight when available!



The Azure Services Platform is what I believe I will talk about most in the future. If you want to find out more, I believe this is the best way:

  1. Look at this webcast
  2. Read this whitepaper


I also LOVED the Windows 7 demo. Especially:

- the new desktop and taskbar

- Homegroup

- the ability to mount virtual machines

- Bitlocker for USB drives

- multi touch capabilities at affordable prices (demos on the great HP Touchsmart)

- Windows Key + P to change display mode

- further improved multimonitor. Even via remote desktop!

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