MacWorld Keynote a bit disappointing

I wasn't there, just followed it on engadget and Macrumors...

Seems like a lot of great announcements to me but with expectations being sky high (air high, anyone), I'm not sure these announcements will just do the trick.

Coolest thing seems to be the MacBook Air. Looks very thin. But it's pricey and what I would be worried about most is the heat. The MacBook Pros already produce heat like a they're a nuclear home device so how will they have overcome that with an even smaller device? I want to see and feel before I believe this isn't mostly hot Air.

UPDATED: Also, the device seems to have a touch sensitive screen. Also the device seems to have a multi-touch trackpad.

Cool. But why not make it a real Tablet? With writing and all? That would have been a killer, imho.

The Apple TV seems to be the next big thing. But Apple seems to want to get rid of CD's and DVD's completely. This might work in some parts of the world but not nearly everywhere. A movie's size (in HD) is still of a different magnitude than a song. And besides that many people still want to by a DVD or HD-DVD or BluRay disc. If the Apple TV device would play one of these formats that again would have made a world of difference but it doesn't seem to be that way.

So from what I saw so far, I think there are a some very nice improvements but nothing that just totally rocks my world...

Comments (2)

  1. Jeff says:

    I think you’re thinking too short term. Physical media has a finite lifespan at this point, and the MP3 has certainly taught us this. Connectivity everywhere is closer than anyone thinks.

  2. Hans VB1 says:

    Could it be that we overestimate the effect of connectivity everywhere in the short term and understimate the effect in the long run?

    Also, I know many people who still like to collect DVD’s and many people who buy DVD’s for their kids who watch them over and over again. They don’t want to rent them over and over again.

    Owning a disc still gives you most freedom. You play it whenever you want on any device (with a reader) you want. You can give it to a friend. You can store as many as you like in your house.

    As people ultimately just want one box connected to their TV, ultimately they’ll want a combination of what the Apple TV has to offer + Tivo + DVD (or other disc) player. At least in the short term. But those Apple TV devices will need to be selling in the short term too, I’m guessing…

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