14 January: Apple, Adobe, Scoble

Today, the day really starts in the valley.

Press and blogosphere have been beating the drums about MacWorld since CES' most exciting thing was the not so funny prank by Richard Blakeley.

What will blow our minds today? Will Apple buy or merge with Adobe? Will the next iPhone have 3G, video camera, GPS (yawn)?

What if Apple would just open up? They could open up on so many fronts. I suggest:

- they license MacOS to other harware

- they create a true partner ecosystem around software

- they hire Scoble as Chief Evangelist

That wouldn't be the most exciting new product news but it would sure be an exciting cultural change for the company. Probably just as difficult as merging its culture with Adobe's would be.

Ahhh, enough speculation already, a couple of hours and we'll know.

Comments (2)

  1. Kevin Daly says:

    Er, not wanting to be uncharitable, but the only real thing in Scoble’s favour is that he couldn’t creep people out like Scary Hand Waving Guy that they had doing some of the iPod Touch(or was it iPhone? One of ’em) demo videos. In no time at all they’d need a coolness transplant.

  2. Hans VB1 says:


    Just speculating here. I guess what I’m saying is that I think that Apple’s garden has even higher walls around it than Microsoft’s and that someone like Scoble could definitely build some windows into those walls just like he did at Microsoft.

    Even at Microsoft with an army of evangelists, first violin is (and should be) played by senior execs driving strategy and product development. The evangelists then make sure it gets heard by many more people who then also have someone to have a conversation with.

    BTW, in the meantime I realize that I will have to wait 24 hours more before the keynotekicks off… Bummer.

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