Vista versus Leopard

 Leopard is the New Vista, and It's Pissing Me Off - Columns by PC Magazine

I enjoyed reading this blog post. I'm amused by people going all Jerry Seinfeld over technology.

There is one reason however why one should never compare Windows to MacOS like this: MacOS runs on closed hardware. Any technical person and any person with some common sense would agree that it's infinitely more difficult to run your software without glitches on an infinite number of hardware configurations compared to running it on just a small set of configs.

Here's some more information:

- at launch 1.4 million devices were supported, whilst today that figure has grown to 2.2 million devices

- at launch 23,000 hardware products were supported and this has now reached 41,000; whilst over 900 hardware partners are certifying thousands of components.

- according to, 98 out of the top 100 best selling Windows applications are all compatible. To date, over 2,000 applications have passed Vista compatibility tests.

My point? Leopard will never be the new Windows. It will always be the OS that runs well (at least in most cases) on a handful of configurations with a limited set of applications to run.  Still, it proves to be a good model for Apple and they get and deserve also praise for that from some who are happy to live with these constraints. And that's fine by me.

PS: I'm getting Leopard myself next week whilst in the US. It's a Euro vs. Dollar thing.

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  1. Tom Raftery says:

    Good post Hans – interesting numbers, thnks.

  2. rams says:

    Well said. Can I walk into an Apple store, buy a Leopard install disk and install it in my Alienware laptop? No can do. And people forget that with windows, you slap it on a computer from any manufacturer. I dont have to pony up > $2000 for a shining piece of hardware (dont get me wrong, I agree its damn beautiful, but that is not the point here)

    Leopard has had its share of issues and people forget that easily and just fall in love with the well designed hardware. One has to take everything into perspective and not just bash something for the sake of it.  

  3. J says:

    No way…  I’ve used windows for 20 years.  Then I decided to attend Audio Engineering school and got myself a MacBookPro.  


    No more retarded stress over:

    1) Deleting cache files to free up space

    2) Defragging and optimizing HDD

    3) Finding help, Apple has one of the most complete and helpful ‘help’ menus

    4) Un-installing programs.  DRAG AND DROP ONE FILE to the trash can.  That’s ALL it takes.  You never have hidden files tucked away in the Windows registry that you can’t delete through ‘Remove Programs’.  All this S**T just ends up bogging down your computer, filling up your HDD with pure crap that you can’t even find

    5) I don’t need Anti-Virus or spending time to scan my computer for viruses.  Back when I had a PC, if i went without a anti-virus for 6 months, I probrably have one already

    6) Stability.  More stable in every single way

    7) EASY.  Teach your kids, teach your mother, or even your grandmother how to use a mac.


    Bill Gates is a smart businessman but a dumb designer.

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