OneCare and Soapbox

Great to see things keep moving around our Live services. Finally - yes I was getting tired of waiting - OneCare is available in Belgium. I found it personally hard to accept that because of my system language, I couldn't get started with OneCare. My dear colleagues in Redmond, there are people living elsewhere too and we also need to deal with security.

But no more nagging, I installed it yesterday on my mother's PC and that went very smoothly. I just need to find out where I can buy a prepaid card to register it. Anyone? At the moment, my mother still has the orange 1 in the system tray because I didn't install IE7 yet. I will do that over the weekend - it's not just installing IE7, it's also explaining IE7 🙂 -  and then she'll have a comforting green 1. The cool thing is that now I don't need to worry any more about which security products I need to install to cover all types of threats: malware, spyware, virusses, worms... I don't need to worry whether I need, Defender, Antispyware... Just one complete package.

I also saw that Soapbox opened up. Cool. It's nice when things just work 😉

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Comments (3)

  1. Joris says:


    After reading this, I tried to install OneCare (the 90 day trial version), but it still refused to install because my system language is Dutch.

    I would be very happy if you could post a link to the version that is supposed to work.


  2. Hans VB1 says:

    Weird and annnoying.

    Did you try from this link?

  3. Change the language settings of your Internet Explorer browser to en-US or en-GB to get the english version.

    Start IE -> Tools -> Internet Options -> Tab General -> Options -> Add -> English (United States) [en-US] -> OK -> Make sure that en-US is the topmost language.

    Restart IE and try it again.

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