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I read about this cool device Sony is building to allow mapping pictures one takes to locations. Very cool.

Now I also read on Engadget that it's kind of a closed box. Meaning, as a developer you can't get to the data. Does anyone have any experiences with that to share? Did anyone try to get the recorded GPS coordinates out? I wouldn't mind doing a little conversion. I just want a small device that records where I am and that allows me to get the list of GPS coordinates.

If you know of any other device that would give me this, please let me know. Maybe most GPS devices allow recording? I would like to know.


PS: looking deeper into this 'geotaging photos' concept I discoverd this site ( Seems like Microsoft was doing some Web 2.0 work in the Web 1.0 timeframe 🙂

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  1. Hans VB1 says:

    Yeah something like that. I was digging abit deeper myself. This one also seems nice: . Looks like you get more for less money but also more in weight and I don’t know whether you can extract the data.

    Thanks for the tip!

  2. Sean says:

    Here’s another logging GPS that communicates via bluetooth. I have one, it’s pretty awesome — and yes you can use the serial stuff in .NET 2.0 to communicate with at least the live incoming serial stream.

    There’s probably there’s a way to get the logged data as well as the bundled software communicates via serial. Probably something like sending a special command to initiate replay…

  3. Jan Tielens says:

    I’m totally into geotagging my pictures too! 🙂 Currently I use Picasa 2.5 (beta) in combination with Google Earth because together they allow me to quickly edit my photos (basic stuff) and geotag them. To add metadata to them i use iTag (Picasa only supports the caption tag).

    I’m looking into this device:,en/
    It has bluetooth communication and the memory is extendable with SD cards.

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