Tech Ed early bird coming to an end

Today is the last day to benefit from the early bird discount and registrations are just going great.

The descision to split into a DEV and an IT Pro event was definately the right one. It’s just amazing what you can do with the content if you all of a sudden have twice the amount session slots.

If I look over the session list then there’s one thing I feel particularly good about: the speaker line up. Content is one thing and very often makes one select a session. But then the experience you get from a session is for 90% driven by the speaker. Proof is that for instance Rafal Luckawiecki can get the event’s top score with a session on MSF 4.0. Not that MSF is particularly boring…ah well, it actually is.

So just to list some of the speakers…

Anders Hejlsberg (Microsoft Corporation), Clemens Vasters (Microsoft), Steve Swartz (Microsoft Corporation), Ron Jacobs (Microsoft), Roy Osherove (Team Agile) ,Keith Brown (Pluralsight) , Chad Hower (Microsoft), Aaron Skonnard (PluralSight), Arvindra Sehmi (Microsoft EMEA) ,Ingo Rammer (thinktecture) ,David Gristwood (Microsoft) ,Patrick Tisseghem (U2U) ,Ted Pattison (Gorilla Training) ,Bob Beauchemin (SQLskills) ,Donald Farmer (Microsoft Corporation) ,Don Vilen (Microsoft Corporation), Kimberly L. Tripp (, Brian Randell (MCW Technologies), Ivar Jacobson , Jeff Prosise (Wintellect), Fritz Onion (Pluralsight)…

 And there are more: David Chappell, Rafal Lukawiecki, Carl Franklin, Stephen Forte, Richard Campbell

Oh wait, and there are more…

You get it, it’s going to be great. I know it!

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  1. Sondre says:

    The biggest developer event of the year is approaching quickly, and as the event is getting close to

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