One swallow doesn’t make an OS

So four talented guys create YouOS and kaboom: here are the predictions that Google OS will make Windows obsolete. TechMeme then picks it up and the circus is flying. The article represents an opinion just like this blogpost represents my personal view. The opinion imho is laughable. This is the most funny bit: but you gotta wonder why Gundotra switched teams. If Google rolls out enough Web apps before Windows Vista ships, it might persuade people not to blow $2,000 on a new Microsoft machine.


That must be satire, right? Sure Vic is a great win for Google. I heard many good things about him. And of course some graduates can build software that changes the world, look at Google or look at Bill Gates. But to claim that Google just needs to speed up a bit to keep people from buying Vista?! Woeeehaaaaaa!!!!!


What can I say, an OS in the browser? Ajax, doesn’t offer enough to make an experience like the one you get on your desktop. Sure you can make a rich web app but making it rich enough to replace all of the OS? Not a chance. In my opinion there are two ways in which the network will become the computer (wink wink).


1: Internet Services like Google’s or Windows Live Services will continue to show up but I believe that adoption will only pick up as these services are integrated deeper in the operating system(s) running on the desktop. For instance having a virtual disk drive somewhere in the cloud showing up like a drive in your Windows File Explorer.


2. There might be an OS people use over the internet in the future but I don’t believe it will be running in the browser. HTML, AJAX, REST… not adequate. It might be some kind of virtualization technology and people would use something like Remote Desktop Connection. Remote Desktop currently isn’t adequate either since it doesn’t stream video for instance but you get the idea.


I know some people out there wouldn’t like anything more than Vista to fail but there’s bad news for them people actually like the innovations offered in the new version of Windows. The number of downloads of the beta or the interest I’ve seen in my posts on getting Vista to run on a MacBook Pro just confirm that.

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  1. G.T. says:

    I had a look at the web site, it is just another browser desktop, as I remember, similar desktops have there for the past 4 or 5 years, it is nothing new, even if it is Google.

    We have tons of OS’s, and Windows is the one I love, the browser is not capable of hosting advanced applications by itself, if Google wanted an internet desktop, perhaps they should had a look at Macromedia Flash, or Microsoft Avalon (and Avalon is way more advanced).

    WPF (Avalon) is coming, there is finally an infrastructure for real internet applications, way more advanced than html and a simple script, I hope Microsoft takes the initiative this time, and integrate it to, don’t just repeat another Google, standardize WPF, and give the life to Internet 2.0

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