Pictures from Installing Vista Beta 2 on MacBook Pro

Here are some Images I shot along the way…
My installation procedure step by step :

Figure 1: I'm an idiot, I downloaded the 64 bit version

Figure 2: Install now? YES PLEASE! BTW, at the bottom left of this screen is the repair link I needed to fix the MBR.


Figure 3: The patritioning schema should look like this. Of course it's likely you will have different sizes for the Mac and the Windows partitions


Figure 4: Don’t panic if you get this after Vista seemingly installed correctly. You just need to reboot from the Vista Install DVD and then select repair (bottom left of the ‘Install Now’ screen).

Figure 5: After that, start playing and discover how Vista makes life better! This is the nice dialog I saw when I plugged in an external screen.

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  1. Lane says:

    It’s about time the premiere desktop OS from Microsoft was able to detect a new display had been attached.

  2. Matt says:


    Thanks for the "review".  While I’m not a big fan of Vista it’s still good to see that we have the dual-boot option on the MBP.


  3. Keith says:

    That’s really simple and straightforward. I can imagine Microsoft has made Vista so idiot-proof, and nothing more needs to be done… erm, perhaps not so true to certain extend.

  4. SilverMac says:

    Great, downloading now, will surely give it a try as WinXP is so 20th century.

  5. Noname says:

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  6. Clay says:

    Regarding Figure 4: I got that screen… restarted the machine and booted from the Vista CD… selected the Recovery option… attempted to Startup Repair… no joy. Vista reported that it could NOT fix the problem, and I still cannot boot into Vista.

    So what exactly is it we (I) need to do to make this work under Boot Camp?

  7. Hans VB1 says:

    That’s weird. Does your partitioning look similar than the one I had?

    Take a look at my post before this one. That’s where I documented step by step what I did.

  8. Lance Fisher says:

    Nice!  This is good to see.

  9. Tim Jacobs says:

    Hey, did you just put the dvd in? did not have to do anything else?



  10. Hans VB1 says:

    I wish I only had to put the DVD in! In my other post I explain things step by step:

  11. Ian says:

    If I didnt delete the EFI partition, is there any way to get back to the installer to do so?

  12. Bart says:

    Got the same winload.exe error over here, so I decided to discover the bcdedit.exe tool (more info on but it didn’t work out very well. So I did what the system told me to do, choose repair from the setup, and it worked like a charm :-). Maybe if I have some time left later this month, I’ll write a little piece of "BCD boot loader adventure" stuff on my blog.

  13. Dan M says:

    Though installing Vista on a Mac is pretty cool, and certainly great news for down the road, I’d just like to point out one little fact  that some people seem to be missing. THIS IS A BETA VERSION OF WINDOWS.

    Sorry guys, windows is bad enough as it is. But a BETA version of windows? Not on my system. Especially since from what I’ve been reading about infighting within microsoft, even most of the Vista design team thinks Vista is a buggy piece of crap. How can you trust something even the designers admit is no where near ready for prime time?

    Do yourself a favor. Wait at LEAST until the 1.0 version of Vista version comes out. Before you decide to install something that will almost definately hose your system.

  14. chrizel says:

    Startup repair doesn’t work on my iMac too. Maybe I have to delete the EFI partition. Does MacOS X still boot after that?

  15. Hans VB1 says:

    Hi Dan, I get the feeling you’re not a huge Windows fan:-)

    It’s indeed a beta of Vista than can be loaded on the Mac because of a beta of bootcamp.

    The fact that it’s dual boot is actually a great way to explore the beta without having to complete dedicate your system to it.

    I suggest you try. You might even be surpirsed by the quality of the Vista Beta2 build. Although I don’t think we will convert many of the religious people, no matter what we do.

  16. Hans VB1 says:

    Hi ‘chrizel’, yes after deleting the EFI partition the Mac OS still boots. I haven’t experienced any difficulties. Good luck.

  17. Hans VB1 says:

    Ian, you delete the EFI partition using the XP or Vista installation wizard.

    You could also boot from the Apple installation CD and use the Disk Utility to do this.

  18. Forever Geek says:

    Everyone knows that you can install XP on the new Intel Macs now thanks to BootCamp. This guy was able to get Vista to install.Unbelievable, I got Vista running on my MacBook Pro. And it is just beautiful. I know…

  19. Clay says:

    Hi Hans,

    OK, I see what you did… you deleted the EFI partition. I knew that doing that would work, but it also prevents Boot Camp from being able to manage the Windows partition from then on… and I’d rather not do that.

    Thanks for the info…

  20. Joe says:

    Here’s a big question, does aero work??  Considering it’s like the biggest new feature…

  21. Donovan says:

    Anyone get Vista installed on a MacBook 2.0Ghz Black beauty yet?

  22. Hans VB1 says:

    Hi Joe, yes Aero works. Wonderfully well.

    Actually the MacBook Pro is in my opinion one of the best machines around to run Vista. That is, in case you buy it with 2GB of RAM and the 256MB graphics card 🙂

  23. Dren T. Martin says:

    Now there’s no questions asked why I shouldn’t get a Mac. 😀 Just one question though, this is like a dual boot for mac and windows, right?

  24. Gizmo says:

    Do I ned to have 40gigs for Vista o work? I have 15 now and I get the error from step 4 but cannot repair the volume.

  25. Hans VB1 says:

    Gizmo. If you keep getting the error in picture 4 you probably haven’t deleted the EFI partition, or have you?

  26. Hans VB1 says:

    Dren T. Martin, that’s exactly what it is. You boot while holding the option key down and then you have the choice to boot Windows or Mac.  

  27. Bryan Campbell says:

    When I go into the installation and try and delete the 199 MB (200 MB) EFI partition nothing happens, I think it may have actually deleted it but the vista installation program still shows it EVEN after a hit Refresh.

    Also, I’m royally screwed now, because I back in and tried to fix the startup error, and even with the EFI partition DELETED it STILL says that it can’t fix the problem.

    Also, the list of drives under recovery options shows 3 23 gig vista partition. so there is an error there, i only made one, and i know what i’m doing.

    So the sucky thing is since i deleted the EFI partition when I run BootCamp assistant in Mac OS X it says it can’t do anything for me… I can no longer delete the Vista partition and start all over from scratch like I want to do.

    Can someone please help me. I use a MacBook (not Pro) 2.0 ghz black with 2 gigs of ram.

    "Ian, you delete the EFI partition using the XP or Vista installation wizard.

    You could also boot from the Apple installation CD and use the Disk Utility to do this. "

  28. Jamie says:

    how big is the final installation? I only have a small partition on my MB and dont know if it’s enough to hold the new Beta…

  29. John says:

    So does this process still allow you to boot into OS X or just vista?  What does deleting the EFI do to OS X?

  30. Jamie says:

    also, what effect does removing the EFI partition have on Mac OS X?

  31. THX-2168 says:

    "OK, I see what you did… you deleted the EFI partition. I knew that doing that would work, but it also prevents Boot Camp from being able to manage the Windows partition from then on… and I’d rather not do that. " – Clay

    Doing this will prevent me from using Bootcamp’s "Restore the startup disk to a single volume" option? If so, what would I have to do to get rid of the Windows partition when I don’t need it anymore?

  32. I’ve tried this process twice now, exactly following the steps provided, and both times the ‘repair’ process doesnt’ work, and can’t repair the install, thus giving me a useless install of Vista AND a hard drive partitioning scheme that is un-fixable.

    One question I have is: what exactly is this ‘repair’ process? Does it need to get out to the internet by chance? I’m using wireless with an AirPort Express and I have both MAC address filtering and WAP2 security enabled; does this Vista repair process need to get out to the internet by chance? Could the WPA security be blocking ‘net access, and thus impeding the repair process? Anything will help, as both times this process has failed I’ve had to completely wipe the drive, reinstall Mac OS X, install Boot Camp, XP, then Vista… I really want to play with Vista but I can’t blow too many more afternoons doing this.

    Thanks for any help.

  33. jitaroo says:

    is it true that you are stuck in windows  vista? or can you go back to Mac OS X

  34. Don’t Don’t Don’t delete the EFI partition after you install Vista. I tried this and it just led to a world of trouble.

    For a lesson in what not to do, you can take a look at the post on my site.

    Thanks to Hans I’m finally getting off the ground!

  35. I know that it has been reported ad nauseam all over the Web but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that you can install Windows Vista beta 2 on the MacBook Pro. (No word yet on if it works…

  36. Macmaniac says:

    You guys do know that if you delete your EFI partition, then no future Apple firmware updates can be installed!

    May want to consider that before you crap your machine up with Windoze Vis-duh.

  37. Toddo says:

    I cant get the sound to work on my macbook pro. And the Mac Driver CD doesn’t work.

    Everything else works great.

    Is there a file by file download I can get for each of the drivers?

  38. Bloeb says:

    I have succesfully installed Vista beta 2 on my Mac Mini dual core + 2 gb ddr…. works great, after having installed the Bootcamp drivers disc (that for a couple of drivers generates an error, but so what) and following the "manual" unpacking instruction for the audio drivers everything works well except for the AERO. When i install the lakeport driver that is packed within Vista the system freezes on next reboot and just disabled the monitor. I had to boor into Vista safe/mode to reinstall the Intel Mobile Chipset before it worked again.

    The next thing i miss, is the "startup-disk" option, so that you can select wich OS to boot without holding the ALT key on EVERY reboot, like there was in the windows XP / MAcOS  combination.

    Has someone got a work-around for these two problems perhaps?

    Thanks in advance!



  39. sites says:

    very nice blog, congratulations…

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