Only 4 more drivers to find fro Vista on MacBook Pro

Excellent, Windows Update just discovered one more driver. Only 4 to go!


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  1. Damien Guard says:

    The USB Human Interface Device is likely to be the USB WebCam.

    I’ve blogged about the missing devices – under XP not Vista – at


  2. Hans VB1 says:

    Thanks Damien. BTW, although sound seems to work for some other folks, it doesn’t for me. This doesn’t show up as a missing driver though. If someone happens to know an updated Sigmatel Driver?

    Also, did you get the eject button for the DVD player to work?

  3. David says:

    I got the sound and the eject button to work well on Vista by using the Bootcamp driver cd. We all know that running the cd as-is fails.

    But you can extract the contents of the InstallShield by using AppleBootcamp.exe /V /a on any XP machine. This will run through setup and instead of an install. It also doesn’t do the checks to make sure if you have the right hardware. After that you can pretty much pick and choose your drivers…Brightness, Eject and sound.

    A couple weird things with sound…installing using the EXE seems to work better than letting windows do the auto install. Also there are some issues with headphone pass through so if you want to disable the internal speaker you need to set a reg key. here are instructions:

    I wish there was one defacto destination for all of this macbook+vista stuff. It is a perfect piece of hardware for vista (perfect graphics chipset for glass – 950, DVD burner, fast ram, bluetooth, webcam (soon), IR for media center (soon)). Microsoft would kill for a hardware vendor that gets the Design aspect of hardware as good as apple did while still getting hardware optimized for vista.

  4. Tim Jacobs says:

    Hey, how did you get the sound to work? i’m on an intel iMac and i cant get it to work, help please!

  5. Hans VB1 says:

    Check out my other post where I explain how I unpacked the Apple Drivers CD on an XP Machine and then use those files to get the sound card working. Based on the comment David made on this post earlier.

  6. joey says:

    Wondering how you got eject and brightness controls working properly?

    got the apps from the system32 directory, putting them in vista system32 doesn’t seem to work.


  7. Hans VB1 says:

    Aha, then you need to read my post on ‘Only 3 more drivers…’. Here:

    I just ran the EXE, didn’t copy it to the system32 folder.

  8. joey says:

    thanks… will check it.  now dreaming about triple booting.. maybe even quad booting with ubuntu, although parallels is really kicking but not for vista.

  9. EGK says:

    Can someone plz elaborate on how to run the command to unpack the driver CD.  CMD just says that "Install is an unspecified command"  and under start -> run it just says it could not find the file.  Someone please explain and post what exactly to do to unpack the Apple Drivers CD.

  10. Damien Guard says:

    I got the eject keys and fn keys to work using InputRemapper which comes pre-configured for these MacBook remappings.


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