Scoble == Mini? Nah, Mini is about 40. And rules on RSS feeds.

If Scoble isn’t Mini himself, he is definitely sharing a bio-rhythm. While Scoble is out there questioning everything and buying BMW’s, Mini is doing more or less the same.

What’s going on? Is Mini, Robert’s alter ego? If that’s the case then Robert/Mini got some serious schizophrenia going on. The Scoble persona seems to think he’s an evangelist while the Mini persona seems to be deeply into product development. Their writing style is also very different which makes it even seem less likely both are the same.

I guess the only thing to conclude is that mini must be somewhere between 39 and 50 and having a midlife crisis too. Don’t worry guys it might just be stress and buying stuff will probably help. So go over to and create a listing for something you always wanted but never dared to buy. Can’t come up with something? Then you’re in deep poo poo.

Anyway it’s a good thing Mini is taking it slower. IMHO, much of what he wrote should have been kept within the firewall. The one thing he did enable was the collection of feedback from those who have already left the company. That was the value, what would not have happened without him.

This brings me to a request I would have for the Office Team, for Office 14 since I understood there won’t be an Office 13. RSS feeds stay interesting as long as they produce interesting posts to me. Now Mini is likely going to be less interesting so I will need to retire the subscription to that feed myself.

What I would like is to be able to rate my posts in the RSS feeds I subscribe to in Outlook. And then I want to create a rule that says ‘if there hasn’t been a post rated 4 out of 5 within the last 4 weeks, then delete this feed’. Rules on RSS feeds would allow me to have a much more dynamic feed list. I would have some other rules too like:

  • If a feed hasn’t produced a post in the last three weeks then delete it

  • If I haven’t read a message from a feed in the last 4 weeks then delete it

I’m convinced I would pick up good blogs later on anyway. Good stuff always floats? 

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