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Happy to see that many of the Tech Ed: Developers track owners are blogging. We are all excited about this opportunity to build a developer focussed event and we want to have a conversation with you about it. If you're interested, subscribe to these blogs:

Beat Schwegler (architecture, connected systems)

Chad Hower (base framework)

David Boschmans (web development track)

Gerd De Bruycker (overall owner event)

Gunther Beersaerts (SQL Server)

Mario Szpuszta (2007 Office System)

Niels Hilmar Madsen (tools and languages)

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  1. Hi,

        Good idea. I see the blog of SQL Server and there is nothing new since 2005. I always in the review forms of Teched´s and IT forum´s write that I would like to have one session on Full Text Search and if it is possible of high level.


  2. Hans VB1 says:

    I will pass on you request to Gunther. Thanks!

  3. Guntherb says:

    Hi there José, thanks for passing on your feedback. We’ll look into FTS for this TechEd and I agree, it’s something we didn’t cover in past events based on interest surveys. Please keep the feedback coming, we do read & value these comments! Thanks! Guntherb.

  4. Today the Tech·Ed Europe team lead by Gerd De Bruycker launched the official Tech·Ed Europe web site….

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