Microsoft Partners of the World, speak up!

Now I don't want to keep hammering this nail because I much rather focus on technology or sharing a bit of information about the unbearable lightness of being a technololgy evangelist, but I'm on holiday and my previous post trigered some comments which made me think a bit more on this topic.

Fortunately I seem to have more Microsoft fans reading my site than MS foes. Most of the comments were favorable of Microsoft. One thing I like to read into this is that this trial isn't just about Microsoft it's about Microsoft and its partner system which we internally call the ecosystem (another keyword for your bullshit bingo; I recently added heatmap to my bingo list).

There are tons of people making a living in the partner space around Microsoft software. I once heard a claim being made that, in EMEA, for every dollar that gets spend on Microsoft software, seven dollars get spend in the partner system (consultancy, ISV's, system integrators, hosters, resellers...). They build solutions that do interoperate with Microsoft and I can't help but wonder why our partners (many of whom we are in cooptition with) seem to able to integrate, interoperate with Windows platform why others apparently can't.

I have a feeling that partners also feel this is about innovation. Can Microsoft continue to innovate? And now you don't here me saying that everything new that Microsoft introduces into it's software is invented by Microsoft. Sure, our product teams look around just like other developers look around and there's nothing wrong with that as long as some rules are being respected - like respecting intellectual property. I often like to think of cars and what would happen if some brands would for instance be blocked from putting ABS brakes or airbags in their cars.

I would hope that Microsoft can continue to grow the platform, that we continue and maybe even put more efforts into interoperability and that way foster a vibrant ecosystem (bingo!).

If you want to speak up on this, you can go to This is a community site supported by Microsoft to allow our partners to express their opinions on the policy support needed to be succesful with technology.

PS: Opinions in this post are personal. I kind of assumed blogs are like diaries and always are more personal than corporate but I felt I had to explicitely say this after reading Nicholas Carr's post on corporate blogging

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