To my dearest European Government


Gladly I’ll pay more than a few euros to support the great society we will live in.  I’m sure what I’ve been reading is a wrong interpretation of a valid concern in which case I suggest the journalists to do some better homework.


I hear you’re concerned about the integrated search in Vista and about Microsoft knocking Google out of the search ring. I assume you aren’t allowed to use any beta software within the EU firewalls so I’ll try to give you a preview here.


Search in IE7 will work with search providers. Every site can be one and every user can configure his/her own defaults.

Like this:



This feature makes it much easier to search for the same keywords on more than one search site if the one of them doesn’t produce the expected results. Google, Yahoo, MSN and many more will be there. I hope you will like it.


Also Office 2007 producing PDF’s seems to be worrying. Although PDF is a proprietary file format, many see it as an open standard because (quoting Wikipedia) ‘anyone may create applications that read and write PDF files without having to pay royalties to Adobe Systems’. Now I know Microsoft and the EU are on the same page here; so again this must be some journalist’s misinterpretation probably triggered by the ignorance of the fact that the Office 2007 default file formats will be the Open XML file formats (supported by a wide range of players in the industry). Besides that, Office 2007 will allow users to save Office Documents as PDF or XPS. The file format space will be more open and Microsoft Office users will be able to share more easily with non-Microsoft Office users – nothing wrong about that.


I guess I haven’t really told anything new but I surely hope this will trigger those journalists to do some homework in order to avoid some of those concerning misinterpretations.


This post represents my personal opinion and desire to make Europe a better place to live and work in. Topics included: Microsoft, Office 2007, IE7, Vista

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  1. Hans, I love this post!!

    The .NET Aficionado

  2. According to published reports, the Commission has sent Microsoft a note warning the company about potential…

  3. Jeff Parker says:

    I actually love this feature, it saves a ton of time. For example the IMDB search I use quite often when your looking for info on a movie or something it is better than Google or Live search. I actually hope more companies will develop search providers. I think this feature opens up more potential for other search engines than google and live.

  4. Don Ardonio says:

    Great to see Internet Explorer is ‘catching up’.

    I’ve been using the search feature for so long in FireFox, I really can’t live without it anymore.

    Overall, I think MS is doing a great job on improving their software. After some time away from most of the Microsoft software I see that they made are making some very interesting adaptations and I’m really looking forward to office 2k7 & Vista (even though I still will be switching to the ‘windows classic’ theme, old habits die hard)

  5. deternal says:

    The problem is, that by providing the search feature AND making MSN the default search MS is AGAIN using its virtual desktop monopoly to grab at a new market.

    If it was an optional downloadable component there wouldn’t be a problem.

    Just like lots of places uses wmv now, even if real format was predominant MS successfully used its desktop monopoly to win over this market.

    The problem is NOT MS innovating (I’m still waiting to set that) and it’s NOT a problem that MS wants to give it’s customers features – the problem is using MS desktop monopoly to get new markets – this is unfair competition and why anti-monopoly laws exist since it illiminates the forces of a free market.

    Hope even MS employees and fanboys atleast can understand if not agree with the sentiment.

    And yes the windows xp n edition was idiotic.

  6. Mikkel B . Hansen says:

    As easy as it may seem for us IT experts to talk about alternative software, mozilla browsers, free office products etc., it isn’t that easy for the mainstream computer.

    Imagine Tom, age 55, going to wal-mart to pick up a new pc, then have the clerk tell him that it will be delivered without an internet browser pre-installed. There will be no mediaplayer of any kind on it. Note pad is abolished…

    Many users have a hard time comprehending that MS Word is not included with Win XP, try explaining to them that the $ 1000 pc they just bought doesn’t support e-mail, internet browsing and mp3 from stock..

    You wouldn’t expect Ford to sell cars that had no radio, no tires, no oil, no coolant…. all because these components are available from many different manufacturers, and pre-installing them would be abuse of a dominant market position!

    Let’s try to keep the end user in mind when discussing what’s right and not.

  7. B# .NET Blog says:

    One of the things I like very much about IE7 is the built-in support for web searching using the search…

  8. Emil Hempel says:

    I’m embarrassed by living in EU when they are so busy headhunting Microsoft…

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