Adding videos to your Live Space

If you have a Live Space and want to add video from Youtube, or Soapbox to them you currently seem to have two options. 1. Adding the Embedded Video gadget Flollow this link ( and add the gadget to your space. You can easily select a video on Soapbox, Youtube etc.. copy the HTML code and paste…


Vista Startup Sound

I blogged about the packaging so I thought I’ld also blog about the Vista sounds. This clip has a nice comparison between XP and Vista. I do like that startup sound! Enjoy! Video: Windows Vista sounds comparison


Should you blog?

Yes you should. That’s what I always tell people who ask me. Most of hese people are evangelists, people applying for evangelism roles, speakers and trainers. But I don’t know what to write about. Everything seems to be written already. That’s the number one concern I hear most of the time from these people who…


My Reading

I’ve been reading quite a bit lately. Many books based on blogs actually. Some a good some a great. But that of course is just my humble opinion.     Naked conversations is a nice one, although I couldn’t finish it all together. Not sure why that was. Maybe becuase I was getting so enthused…


Vista Images. Nice!

I was just browsing and came across this post showing some of the leaked Vista images. I like that. After 5 years, I guess many of us are up for a fresh Windows! I want this one:



Once in a while something comes along that changes your life. You fall in love, are willing to accept some minor imperfections and give up on some of those certainties in life. It happened to me too. No I I’m not talking about another woman! What were you thinking? I’m talking about Vista. I love…


Tech Ed Developers (Europe) goes virtual

It’s going to be a busy buzzy event but in case you can’t make it, check out this site to keep your finger on the pulse: There’s going to be quite some content up there. 1 session per day will be posted there, Paul Foster is chasing people for interviews, Channel 9 is there,…


Messenger BOTS

Apparently Microsoft acquired Colloquis (aka. Conversagent): This seems to be all about the Messenger bots. I’ve added quite a few to my messenger but only use one, once in a while: Others that seem to be online currently are: (don’t even know what this one does) All the other I…


No videos in posts to Spaces just yet…

For now, it’s impossible to include videos in a post on MSN spaces (even videos from SoapBox 😉 ). The embed tag seems to get filtered out. This is the dev team’s answer: We currently run all blog posts through our safeHTML filter that strips out potentially harmful code and profane text.  This includes removing…


OneCare and Soapbox

Great to see things keep moving around our Live services. Finally – yes I was getting tired of waiting – OneCare is available in Belgium. I found it personally hard to accept that because of my system language, I couldn’t get started with OneCare. My dear colleagues in Redmond, there are people living elsewhere too…