New tool for MS .NET developer

NP .NET Profiler was released last week to This tool can troubleshoot both performance and memory issues in any .NET application. It can also capture callstacks for first chance exception and memory allocations. There is no setup or reboot required, so it can be used on the production machines. It can be configured to capture events from only the selected namespace so that the overhead is minimum. It can generate various reports like top hits, top execution time, top allocated objects etc. NP .NET Profiler supports all platforms (x86,x64 & ia64) and all OS. It can troubleshoot all types of .NET applications (azure clouds service, wcf, wpf, wf,, nt service, com+).

NP .NET Profiler also works in a virtual machine.

Please visit and download to try it.

Comments (5)

  1. Neil Blackburn says:

    The tool doesn’t seem to be downloadable any more.  The download link is invalid, have Microsoft withdrawn it?


  2. Andres Tabares says:

    When could i Download the tool?

  3. Hai Le says:

    let me check it

  4. Nigel says:

    any updates? Still can’t find a download anywhere.

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