Announcing DreamSpark for Microsoft Live@edu Schools!

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Together at last. 

Free Microsoft software for students (DreamSpark) that is quickly and easily downloaded with their Microsoft Live@edu School LiveID.   

What is DreamSpark and who gets it?

Microsoft DreamSpark enables students to download Microsoft developer and design tools at no charge.  In order to get this software at no charge, students are asked to establish or verify their student status once every 12 months.  Now students will be able to use their school’s Live@edu LiveID to login and immediately download software without waiting for their school to confirm/verify their student status.

Since its launch in February 2008, DreamSpark has processed 1.7 million downloads and had a target audience of ~39 million students.  That represents nearly 1/3 of all students worldwide.  In some countries like China – it’s 40% of all students.  DreamSpark is now also opened up for high schools around the world and is available in 100 countries.  

Benefits to Schools and Students

  •  Free development software and tools (Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Developer Edition , Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition, Microsoft Expression Studio 1.0, Microsoft Expression Studio 2 Trial Edition (includes Web, Blend, Media, and Design), Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition , IT Academy Student Pas)
  • Quick and easy downloads for Live@edu students; no waiting for the student’s school to confirm they are a registered student
  • Increases value of Live@edu program (and LiveID) in the eyes of the students and schools

Comments (3)

  1. Bdizzle says:

    I’m friends with Governor Michael S. Dukakis of Northeastern University. I think they’re using this!!!

  2. fz says:

    could u tell me how to use live@edu to get the dreamspark’s product? thx

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