Where is Team System Web Access in TFS 2010 Beta1?

We have recently announced the availability for Team Foundation Server 2010 Beta1, which also includes Team System Web Access.


Here’s the direct link to Team Foundation Server 2010 Beta1 download:

You can find the other downloads such as VSTS 2010, .NET Framework 4.0, Test and Lab Agents etc at:


Team System Web Access in TFS 2010 Beta1

Until now, Team System Web Access was published as an out of band power tool. In this release and beyond, Web Access is now an integrated part of TFS, and it is installed by default when you install TFS.


What’s the Web Access URL?

By default, Web Access is available at

  • http://<server>:8080/tfs/web

Tip: Just append “/web” at the end of your Team Foundation Server URL and that’s where you can find Web Access.

What’s the Work Item Only View URL (WIOV, or previously known as WIWA)?

WIOV is not enabled in TFS 2010 Beta1. It will be available in a future release. Unlike the previous versions, the URL for WIOV will be the same as the URL full Web Access as we will be determining whether a user has a CAL or not by checking for membership to “Work Item Only View Users” security group.

Where is Web Access installed to?

By default, files are in:

  • %Program Files%\Microsoft Team Foundation Server 10.0\Application Tier\Web Access

You can find the log files, cache files etc in this location.

Can I install Web Access on its own server?

No, you cannot install Web Access separately on its own server. It is always installed along with TFS Application Tier. However, if you want to dedicate a separate server for Web Access, the recommended way is to install a “Application Tier Only” TFS instance by pointing it to the same TFS database and using that instance only for Web Access. For example:

  • Server1: End users connect to this server from Team Explorer (Web Access is available but not used)
  • Server2: Web Access users connect to this server from a Web browser (TFS Application Tier is available but not used)

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