Strange TSWA connection issue if the server name contains an underscore character

UPDATE: Here’s the KB article that covers this:   Recently, one of our customers reported a strange issue that occurs with TSWA 2008. Although everything is configured correctly and running fine, it’s not possible to connect to TSWA using Internet Explorer if the server name contains an underscore (“_”) character. One of our MVPs,…


Fix: WIWA cannot download attachments

If you are using the WIWA feature in the latest TSWA 2008 SP1, you may notice that it’s not possible to download attachment files from the work item window.   As a workaround, you can edit Wiwa\UI\Pages\WorkItems\DownloadAttachment.aspx and modify the page directive to fix this by adding the HasPermission attribute: <%@ Page Language="C#"         AutoEventWireup="true"…


Fix: Work Item Custom Controls SDK for Web Access

The current TSWA 2008 SP1 release contains a few missing files in the Work Item Custom Controls SDK and one of our developers Serkan has published a blog post to provide a workaround. For details, see: Missing Files in Custom Control Samples Project