ILVisualizer 2010 Solution

The projects are set to be built against the .NET 4.0.

ILVisualizer VS2008 solution

I attached the ILVisualizer VS2008 solution in this post. There is no source code update; the only change is to upgrade the Microsoft.VisualStudio.DebuggerVisualizers.dll reference from version to version Just for your convenience, so you can see a successful build after downloading in VS2008. Thanks Julien for leaving the instruction here.


VisualStudio as my IronPython editor

The following steps are what I did to get Visual Studio ready as my IronPython (and IronRuby) editor. Install the latest internal dogfood build of Visual Studio 2008. you may use Visual Studio 2005 or download the VS 2008 public beta2; Download and install ASP.NET futures release (July 2007). This will give me the nice…