IronPython: System.Reflection.Assembly object

IronPython offers a little bit more love to the Assembly object instance: we can directly access the assembly’s top-level members (namespace, public type) via the dot operation. System.Reflection provides many ways to let you hold the assembly object, such as Assembly.Load method, Type.Assembly property, … For example, given assembly1.dll compiled from the C# file below,…


IronPython: System.Array

When you start interop’ing with .NET in IronPython, sooner or later, you will find that you are in need of creating an array as argument. There are mainly 2 ways to create array objects: Array with type indexing (for one-dimensional array object only), and classic reflection API: Array.CreateInstance System.Array indexing with a type creates a…


IronPython: ipyw.exe

Each IronPython binary release ships two executable files: ipy.exe and ipyw.exe. Their (only) difference is, ipy.exe is a console application and ipyw.exe is a windows application. So given the following, ## import clr clr.AddReference(“System.Windows.Forms”) from System.Windows.Forms import * class SimpleForm(Form): def __init__(self): self.Text = ‘Simple Winform’ Application.Run(SimpleForm()) Running it with ipy.exe will keep…


SignatureResolver (unfinished)

While writing the ILVisualizer for dynamic method late 2005, I’d like to show the local variable information as well; so I started working on the managed signature parser, at least to parse LocalVarSig (Ecma-335 23.2.6). It was 2+ years ago, and never got to a finished state. Now perhaps I will never spend more time…


ILVisualizer VS2008 solution

I attached the ILVisualizer VS2008 solution in this post. There is no source code update; the only change is to upgrade the Microsoft.VisualStudio.DebuggerVisualizers.dll reference from version to version Just for your convenience, so you can see a successful build after downloading in VS2008. Thanks Julien for leaving the instruction here.