First Line of Defense for Web Applications – Part 3

Precaution: Are you consuming Unexpected Input Technology is developing fast and web programming languages are coming up with features or ways to ease the job of our developers. Although it brings a smile on developers face, there is a flip side to this. Attackers are exploiting these shortcuts to pass unexpected input in the applications…


Weekend Security Reading Round up Links 10/27/07

Microsoft Research Reveals New Trends in Cybercrime This is well worth reading if you’re in Info Sec… I particularly was nodding my head violently yes when I read the following: "The research indicates there are tensions within organizations over how data should be managed. Security and privacy professionals see customer data as an asset to…


Some technical details on how XSSDetect does Dataflow Analysis

Hi, my name is Hassan Khan. I work for the ACE Engineering Team, which is a part of the ACE (Application Consulting & Engineering) Team.  We develop tools and solutions to help secure Microsoft Line of Business applications, websites and also work with Microsoft’s enterprise customers.  ACE Engineering is also responsible for developing and delivering…


First Line of Defense for Web Applications – Part 2

Hello everyone, as promised I am back with the next post on input validation series for web applications. Knowledge is power right :). So knowing what all things to validate when you start your web project can save you a lot of headache down the road. So here are some of most important aspects on…


Weekend Security Reading Round up Links – 10/20/07

Inside the Matrix for Mobiles A pretty interesting concept: hack together a platform for connecting the innards of over one hundred different types of cell phones and then connect them to servers allowing virtual access for testing purposes over the Internet.  Nigerian Space Program Isn’t a 419 Scam No, really. Eric Traut talks (and demos)…


First Line of Defense for Web Applications – Part 1

Hi folks, I am Anmol Malhotra and I work with ACE Services Team as a security consultant. There are lots of security principles which one should be aware of while developing software but at the heart of any secure application, there should be a first line of defense – and the mother of all defenses…


Weekend Security Reading Round up Links – 10/12/07

All about the data: IT security starts with a data-centric worldview ACE Team’s Roger A. Grimes has posted a great summary of the importance of having a data-centric way of looking at things for computer/information security to work in an IT environment.   1st CTP of the SQL Server 2005 Driver for PHP available Bill Staples…


Securing the Gateway to Your Enterprise: Web Services

Eugene Siu, a Senior Security Consultant on the ACE Team has just published a great article summarizing some of the pitfalls and issues around web services security.  You can read the whole article here. -techjunkie


Mark Curphey joins Microsoft’s ACE Team

We’re super excited to have Mark aboard, Mark was formerly running FoundStone Consulting and also founded OWASP.  Here’s Mark’s note about joining and you can also check out Mark’s own blog here.  -techjunkie


Weekend Security Reading Round up Links – 10/5/07

What’s hot in Microsoft security: White lists; Blue hats A discussion on Symantec’s proposal to whitelist everything on a Windows box as well as a summary of Microsoft’s Bluehat 10 Microsoft Security Links to Blow Your Mind Pretty self explanatory, no? 🙂 More eyeballs for .Net Framework code Our own Eugene Siu talks about Microsoft’s…