Web Application Projects: No Help for you!

I always find these types of bugs amusing and somewhat ironic. The other day, I was doing some work with Web Application Projects. When I first tried to open the project, Visual Studio 2008 kindly warned me that in order to use IIS with my WAP, I need to run Visual Studio elevated. Wanting to learn more about this, I pressed the F1 key to get more information. It turns out that F1 doesn't work.

So now, I need help to find out why Help (F1) doesn't work! Should I start searching for why Help doesn't work or should I go back to investigating the original error message?

 Example 1: No Help for you!

Although I really don’t like running anything as elevated, I accepted what the dialog told me at face value and restarted Visual Studio as Administrator. Guess what happened next? Visual Studio gave me another helpful message about not having IIS installed. What's amusing is that the new error message suffers from exactly the same bug as the previous dialog. That is, Help (F1) does nothing!

Example 2: No Help for you!

Finally, I gave up and used bing to get some "real" help!

Habib Heydarian.

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