What’s new in Visual Studio Team System 2010: Episode 1

Today, there were several announcements detailing the next version of Visual Studio and Visual Studio Team System. As a member of the Visual Studio Team System team, I thought it would be fitting to share a few more details about some of the scenarios that my team is enabling in the next version of Team System. The scenarios that we are working on will enable users to:

Bridge the gap between application and database development
Database developers can now use the same set of tools and features that have been available to application developers for decades. One tool for both application and database development translates to better sharing, collaboration and an overall integrated development experience.

Take full advantage of SQL Server 2008 and non-Microsoft databases
Get access to all the new features in SQL Server 2008 to build powerful database applications. Also, write applications that target other databases such as DB2 by taking advantage of the rich and broad extensibility platform.

Eliminate the "No Repro" problem
Significantly cut down on time spent reproducing a code defect by recording what the application was doing during execution and replaying the execution back in Visual Studio.

Determine test impact and prioritization based on code changes
Immediately see how tests are impacted when code is changed and allow testers in your organization to determine which tests to run based on the changes.

Leverage Code Analysis to prevent code defects
Use new Code Analysis features to quickly configure and analyze problems in application or database code before they get into production.

Incorporate performance tuning into the "application lifecycle"
Discover the source of poor application performance in both client and server applications throughout the application lifecycle.  Use integrated application profiling and tuning tools to measure, diagnose, and fix performance problems.

In my next blog, I will delve deeper into each of these areas and talk about some of the features that we are providing.

Habib Heydarian

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