User’s Perspective of Software Performance

The software performance is usually defined as the responsiveness and scalability of the software* and it is a quality factor. Simply put, the responsiveness is how fast the software responds to an event and the scalability is how long the software can maintain the responsiveness under different loads. Note that both of the these software…


It is All About Performance Now!

After spending two years in the Office tools team (SharePoint and VSTO), I joint the Visual Studio Performance Engineering team. I am really excited to be a part of a process that makes Visual Studio faster and more efficient. I will get back to you with a performance topic. — Hamed  


Flow-Driven Development for Agile Teams

I’ve been involved in many agile projects and practiced agility on personal projects. However, sometimes, I feel there are still practices in our process which are not really aligned with the agile concept. I believe there is a lot we can do to see the real capabilities of agile development. Everything I am talking about here is in…


My Office Addin does not Load!

“I installed my Office solution (VSTO add-in) successfully but when I open the Office application, my add-in does not load. What is the problem?” This is a common question which I came across many times in Forums. Here are simple and quick checks that you can do before you start scratching your head or jump to…


How to Deploy and Use Executable Files with VSTO Add-ins?

I recently came across an interesting scenario: it is desired to deploy an executable file with a VSTO add-in and run the executable within the add-in code. Well, at the first glance, this seemed to be a usual ClickOnce deployment which I had done before with different .NET applications many times: dealing with projects with…


Installing VSTO Add-in for “Some” users

There have been great discussions around how a VSTO add-in can be deployed for “All Users”. Misha described a workaround here and Saurabh also talked about a hotfix for Office 2007 for this issue in this blog post. Another requirement that mostly concerns corporates is to make an application or functionality, in this case a…