WF 4.0 Tracking on .NET Endpoint

Vikram has a very nice acticle on tracking in WF 4.0. Worth reading it at:

BizTalk Decompiler for Reflector 5 on CodePlex

My BizTalk Decompiler only works with Reflector 4. The updated version for Reflector 5 has been available for a while on CodePlex:

Debugger Visualizer for BizTalk 2006: MessageContext

Visual Studio 2005 added support for Debugger Visualizers. With debugger visualizers, developers can define what information (and in what form) is shown in the debugger for a specific type. There are many visualizers for various .NET types floating around. Here is a small list of the most popular ones: ASP.NET Cache, Regular Expression, XmlDocument (and other Xml…


HTTP response split attacks, HttpWebRequest and the NET Framework 1.1 SP1

The .NET Framework 1.1 SP1 shipped recently and was pushed to Windows Update so you probably were already offered to download it. There is a package for Windows XP and or Windows Server 2003. This release contains several fixes but also attempts to enhance security. This is the case of System.Web.HttpWebRequest. It now detects if…


One possible solution to implement Picking: 2D trees

Most Computer Aided Design applications (like Microsoft Office Visio 2003) present users with a design surface where various objects can be dragged and dropped. When the user clicks on the graphical of an object on the screen, the application has to locate the internal representation of the object that was clicked knowing only the (x,…