The J-POP saga continues: SweetS – Love Like Candy Floss

In the past, I have outlined some of the most famous J-POP artists: EXILE or DREAM. Today, let me introduce the (now defunct) Japanese band SweetS (official web site in Japanese). Formed in 2003, the group experienced minor success before disbanding in 2006.   Avex Track, a famous production company in Japan held auditions and selected five…


Hosting a WCF service in Windows Sharepoint Services v3.0

With ASP.NET AJAX Extensions being baked into the .NET Framework 3.5 and the improvements to WCF to support JSON, it seems tempting to write WCF services and host the in Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0 Unfortunately, if you create a WCF service and drop it under a WSS controlled vroot like _layouts or _vti_bin, your service…


BizTalk Decompiler for Reflector 5 on CodePlex

My BizTalk Decompiler only works with Reflector 4. The updated version for Reflector 5 has been available for a while on CodePlex: