I am not working for Microsoft Japan, but thanks a lot Jeff!

In a recent entry, Jeff noticed my Debugger Visualizer for MessageContext and mentioned that I am from MSFT Japan. Well, this is not true. I am in Redmond, USA and I work for the BizTalk team. It it true that I do like Japan and I have visited this gret country numerous times. Every once in a while, you’ll…


BisTalk Server 2006 Released Today!

You probably know this already. You can find an overview of BizTalk Server 2006 features here. Now that BizTalk 2006 is released, I can speak a little more freely about the product. You can use the “Contact” link to suggest topics you’d like me to shed some light on. I do not promise I’ll be…


BizTalk Server Team Product Management has a Blog!

Visit it here. Kris, Steve, Michael and Mark share product updates, links to training materials and even employment opportunities! I subscribed to their RSS feed.


Debugger Visualizer for BizTalk 2006: MessageContext

Visual Studio 2005 added support for Debugger Visualizers. With debugger visualizers, developers can define what information (and in what form) is shown in the debugger for a specific type. There are many visualizers for various .NET types floating around. Here is a small list of the most popular ones: ASP.NET Cache, Regular Expression, XmlDocument (and other Xml…