[KB838454] Access tracked messages in the BizTalk 2004 message box

Knowledge Base Article 838454 describes the new Microsoft.BizTalk.MessageBoxOM.MessageArchive object that was added to Microsoft.BizTalk.MessageBoxOM.dll. Currently, the package is only available through Microsoft Support.

There are a few things that this KB Article does not describe: remember that the Microsoft.BizTalk.MessageBoxOM.dll file is in the GAC. Currently, Visual Studio.NET 2003 does not allow you to add references to components in the GAC. To get past this, you can choose one alternative between these two solutions:


1 - Extract the dll from the GAC to a place where you can add reference to it (perhaps C:\<yourprojectdirectory>)

In a DOS prompt, run the following command:

copy %systemroot%\assembly\GAC\Microsoft.BizTalk.MessageBoxOM\\Microsoft.BizTalk.MessageBoxOM.dll <destination_path>

Where <destination_path> has been replaced by the path to your BizTalk project's directory (for instance C:\MyProject)


2 - Manually edit the Visual Studio Project file (.csproj, .btsproj, .etc)

To add a reference to this assembly you must edit the project file (.csproj, .btproj, .etc) in a text editor. The following code snippet shows the code that must be added to the reference element of the project file to reference the assembly:

   Name = "Microsoft.BizTalk.MessageBoxOM"
            AssemblyName = "Microsoft.BizTalk.MessageBoxOM"
            HintPath = "<SystemRoot>\assembly\GAC\Microsoft.BizTalk.MessageBoxOM\\Microsoft.BizTalk.MessageBoxOM.dll"

Comments (2)

  1. Many thanks for the pointer Gilles.

    Of course the obvious question is: why is this a Hotfix and not included in an (SDK) update or service pack? IMHO this is really stretching the meaning of "Hotfix". I’d love to try this new functionality but do not want the hassle of calling MS support.

    Does anyone know when the BTS 2004 SP1 will be released?

  2. Gilles says:

    Simon: Hotfixes are what we call internally "QFE" (Quick Fix Engineering). They have to be released very quickly because one or more customer is blocked. Because of the time constraints, testing on it is not as extensive as other releases (Service Packs …).

    As a result, to minimize the risks of destabilizing customers, these fixes are distributed through Mimcrosoft Support. This way, a Support Professional can track who has the fix and if the fix actually causes a problem, can contact customers with an updated fix.

    Once in a while, most QFEs are integrated into a more widely available release which gets much more testing attention. We already released a "Rollup Update" (http://www.microsoft.com/biztalk).

    I have no idea if this specific one will make it or not into a further "Rollup" or Service Pack and I am not the one who decides. However, I do not see any technical reason why it would not make it into the next Service Pack/Rollup Update.

    I cannot unfortunately disclose when the Service Pack will be released.

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