Very few posts recently … Well, I have been working on the future of BizTalk

I have not been able to post as much as I wanted to recently. I have been working on the future of BizTalk. This includes dreaming about what would be the perfect product, discuss multiple possible feature sets, write architecture documents, implement prototypes and demos and much more.

All of this is very exciting and taking a lot of time. However, I expect to be able to soon publish yet another example of a pipeline component illustrating more obscure features of BizTalk 2004.

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  1. drebin says:

    Don’t take this the wrong way – but I think of Microsoft’s ENTIRE collection of software titles – I still have NO IDEA what BizTalk is!!?? And I’ve actually tried to figure it out a couple of times!!

    I look around on the MS site and there is just LOTS of marketing buzzwords. What "is" it? Is it a product? What does it do? If I were to install it – what would it look like and what would it do for me???

  2. Kevin Smith says:

    Have a read of David Chappells white paper: "Understanding BizTalk Server 2004" –, he does a good job of giving a high level overview

  3. drebin says:

    lol thanks, but that is one the marketing docs I was talking about.. I’ve written components and whole programs that do what this says it does and there is *NO WAY* that a point-n-click wizard could’ve streamlined much of any of it. So either I’m missing something or this is a really academic application that could never practically be used in the real world??

    Anyhow – no biggie.. thanks 🙂

  4. GreenWave says:

    Are you a Biztalk employee?

    I recently interviewed with that group. I thought the work was really interesting.

    I didn’t get the job because I couldn’t differentiate a stack and a queue off the top of my head.

    Which is really stupid. I looked it up in about 15 seconds.

    At any rate, hope things are going well there. Seems like a cool enterprise.

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