A POP3 adapter for BizTalk 2004?

Here is where I abuse my status of Blogger to determine what topics you would prefer me to talk about!

I am planning a few posts on how to write a POP3 adapter for BizTalk 2004 using the Adapter Framework (http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/en-us/sdk/htm/ebiz_prog_customadapt_zqbw.asp?frame=true). Is anybody interested in this?

Are there any other BizTalk 2004 topics that you would prefer me to discuss (writing a custom compressing/decompressing pipeline for instance)? I can't promise I'll be able to answer all questions but I'll try.

Comments (6)

  1. guidmaster says:

    Bring it on! It would be nice to see some examples showing how to use the adapter framework 🙂

  2. Paul C says:

    I would be interested…

  3. bill chesnut says:

    I am starting to work on a pop3 adapter, ideas and examples would be helpful

  4. Nikolai says:

    Yes a POP3 adapter would be the bomb

    I have had to copy incoming files from an SMTP account at the exchange to a file system location to get around the lack of a POP adapter.

  5. steven says:

    good, i am interested in this topic, have you got any result

  6. Gilles says:

    The POP3 adapter is still going on. It is true that I have not yet posted much on this recently. It is coming along. Good things takes time and this will be good.

    If you have feature requests or ideas of features, don;t be shy and post them here as comments! Thanks.

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