Windows Azure Links

I’ve decided it’s probably best to have a single page I update with links to good info on Windows Azure from other peers at Microsoft as well as those coming from the community instead of posting individual entries every once in a while. If you know of some links for sites that are focusing on…


Azure community off to a great start…

While we’re busy planning and working on the next release of the tools it seems a vibrant community has begun to rise around Windows Azure and other related services. It’s been really fun to watch this happen as quickly as it has and with great quality. We had been working on all of this for…


More C# bloggers

A couple of more C# bloggers! Welcome Scott and Raj. I’ve added them to the list of C# team bloggers I’m still sort of maintaining. If I’m missing anyone, let me know and I’ll fix it up.


RightSideUp v1.1 now available

I just fixed up a few minor bugs in RightSideUp that had been reported by a few users over time (mostly avoiding some unhandled exceptions in some corner cases and a few cosmetic things). Not a huge update overall but still probably worth the quick download if you use it somewhat often. If you have…


It’s been a while…

but I am actually still around. There are definite signs of life on my personal blog (which has recently moved from to MSN Spaces) but it’s definitely been slow on the work blog. Still piling up a bunch of topics that I should get around to posting someday. Hopefully soon. For now though, if…


VS Editor team blog

My wife and other members of the VS editor team are now blogging.  If you use VS, you might end up discovering a boatload of things you didn’t know existed from reading what these folks have to say. 

C# Team Bloggers

The list of C# team bloggers is now being maintained by Charlie Calvert. You can see his (much more up to date) page by following this link.