Silverlight Debugging in Windows Azure Web Roles

In the latest release of the Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio, one of the new things you’ll find is that we’ve added support for Silverlight debugging (i.e., hitting breakpoints in your Silverlight code). I originally posted some quick steps but have decided to just point everyone to a much more thorough post by Jim that has all…


Windows Azure SDK and Windows Azure Tools Updated – Jan 2009 CTP

We’ve just released the latest version of the Windows Azure SDK and the Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio. For the most part, we’ve concentrated on making things more robust, improving performance, and fixed plenty of bugs. The areas you should mostly see improvements on are: Code/Build/Run/Debug cycle Support for Silverlight debugging on Web Roles…


Created a Windows Azure Links page

After yesterday’s post, I’ve decided to create a single page that I’ll update whenever I get a chance with links to sites that are focusing on Windows Azure. It includes both Microsoft and Community sites. Here’s a link to it and I’ll be adding it to my sidebar in a few minutes. Feel free to…


Windows Azure Links

I’ve decided it’s probably best to have a single page I update with links to good info on Windows Azure from other peers at Microsoft as well as those coming from the community instead of posting individual entries every once in a while. If you know of some links for sites that are focusing on…


F# Worker Role type available now too!

I’m not quite sure anymore who was first (doesn’t really matter anyway) but I just noticed Luke from the F# team recently posted an MSI that will install an F# Worker Role template that will work against our CTP bits. You can find Luke’s post with the details here and you can download the actual…


Windows Azure enabled Windows Live Tools CTP is now available

Check out the first release to extend to our set of “Role” projects one can use for developing Windows Azure services. Vikas, a PM on the Windows Live Developer Platform team, just posted the details on their latest release. It includes instructions on how to create a “Windows Live Web Role” with our tools.


Windows 7 Support

Yesterday I spoke to two folks trying to get the Windows Azure SDK and our tools working on Windows 7. Unfortunately, we’ve found that there’s something around the time when you try to run your Azure service locally that fails. The right folks are looking into it now and we hope to have everything working in…


Windows Azure Gallery

Steve Marx has shared out a link to the Windows Azure Gallery. If you’ve got a cool app that you want to share and already received a token (i.e., you can deploy your app), feel free to submit it to the Gallery.


PDC 2008 Hands On Labs are now available

Jim, our team’s PM, points to the Hands On Lab walkthroughs folks have been getting through at the PDC. Here’s a link to the details. If you didn’t get a chance to do it at the PDC (either because you saw the lines and didn’t have the time or you’re not at the PDC) these…


Video streams of PDC sessions on Windows Azure

If you weren’t able to attend the PDC or did but missed any of these keynotes/sessions, the video streams for some are already up and actually really good quality (go Silverlight!). I’ll update the links as they come on live but for now feel free to check out the ones with live links below. Day…