Introducing Hovervue…

Got a chance to code some today and I finally got around to getting Hovervue all packaged up and usable by anyone who's interested. You can get the full scoop on my personal blog. You can also see screenshots here which are pretty self-explanatory as to what the app does. If you decide to try it out (note it's a Whidbey beta 2 app, so the beta2 redist is required) I'd love to hear any feedback/ideas/bug reports you may have.

For those who might remember, this is actually an app I wrote during the beta 2 appweek. The other members of the team created a bunch of tiles for it (e.g. Outlook mail/calendar tiles, RSS readers, our internal bug database tiles, etc.) but I've only included the ones I've creted myself so far. More tiles should come in time including some of those created by others on that appweek team (I'd like to check with them before posting their stuff). Eventually, I'll also write up a quick document to describe how anyone can create their own tiles as well.

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