I think I can…I think I can…

Today, I realized it had been a lot longer than I thought since I last posted on this blog. It's actually been over three months which just isn't all that cool. I haven't even been posting much on my personal blog which I used to keep at least somewhat active. I thought about it a bit and decided to try to post more often by just sharing a lot of the answers to C#/.NET related questions I answer every week from people internally and those in the community. Hopefully, that'll be something I get into a bit of a rhythm with and the answers will be useful to at least those using search engines. So that's my goal, we'll see over time if I can make it happen.

Another source I'll use for questions to answer are some of the questions that come in through the C# FAQ blog. From a quick look at the last few weeks worth of emails we've received through that site it looks like we're getting about 20-30 per week. Some have very little, if anything at all, to do with C# but there are definitely enough to use as seeds for future blog posts.

Also, I wanted to point to Peter's blog who has been pretty active lately and providing a bunch of really informative posts on C#. He definitely knows C# inside and out...

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  1. tod says:

    It looks like the C# FAQ Blog is also dead {even more so than yours). The last post was in February. Oh well…it’s nice to see some posts from you again. 😉

  2. Yep, we’re hoping to get that site going again as well. The plan is to get things going a bit more as soon as we ship Whidbey… Thanks for the feedback Tod.

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