Santosh has a first post…

Another member of the C# compiler QA team has started blogging recently.  Santosh is a very interesting guy.  He's the only one on our team with an autographed artificial leg resting on his bookshelf that he brought with him from his previous work where he did research on artificial limbs at the University of Washington.  He has a PhD in Bioengineering along with a Civil Engineering background.  He's also the only guy I remember who answered part of my interview coding question in Matlab a little over a year ago now.  So it's fair to say he doesn't have the typical CS background you'd sort of expect from someone on the compiler team but he's definitely proof that sharp folks can make up for quite a bit of all that fairly quickly. 

I'd also have to say his first post is not a very typical “first“ post either.  I'm excited and very curious to see what his future posts are like. 

You can check out his blog here... 

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  1. Wallym says:

    Matlab is great for numerics but I really like the symbolic mathematical programs like Mathematica. Yeah, I know that has nothing to do with your post about Santosh, but, since you mentioned Matlab, I just had to throw that in. 🙂


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