Skateboarding Bulldog

Far from work-related, but a good break from it, check out the skateboarding bulldog.  Be sure to watch the short video of the bulldog skating in a parking lot.  It's amazing, especially if you're a fan of dogs.  Now, back to work...

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  1. Jeff Key says:

    That is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m not joking.

  2. brady gaster says:

    i’ve been reading this site all day and emailing it to friends. my favorite dog, doing my favorite sport. i’m so going to have to get my own!

  3. Ron H says:

    That video is pretty awesome – I’ve seen a Horse riding a Skateboard, A turtle riding a skateboard but – this one tops the cake! Great post

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  4. Ron H says:

    Oy vey sorry about that – the correct URL is not sure what happened there.

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