Done moving…

We moved into the new house this past weekend.  Moving sucks.  But we're really happy with the new place.  Here are some fun facts from over the last few days:

  • Meg (my wife) screamed last night when she entered the garage to get a drink from the fridge (which is there for a few days till Sears believes the hardwood floors have been down long enough to move a refrigerator on).  She thought she saw a mouse.  It turns out she did.  So tonight we bought an “electronic mouse trap.“  We'll see how it works.  From talking to a few guys at work it seems mice are common in new construction.  Hopefully there aren't too many.  I feel bad about having to kill the little guys, but we just can't have 'em. 

  • Decided to ditch DSL and go with cable modem.  So far it seems like the right call.  A little more expensive but noticeably faster and service has been great on the cable side and as usual horrible on the DSL side.  The cable guys came out right on time, set everything up, including working on the OnQ central cable and data panel.  On the DSL side, we called them a month before moving letting them know we were moving and that we wanted to cancel DSL on a specific date (3/26).  Today we get a call from them telling us our new DSL connection will be set up on 4/9.  Not only did they completely disregard the cancellation but they also are far from fast in setting you up even when you specifically asked them not to.  Glad we made the move.  Not having a fast connection for ~2 weeks would have been painful.

  • Bought Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow yesterday.  Single-player mode is so far remarkably similar to the first one, which I can't actually complain about as I still love it.  Multiplayer mode I've only played about 5 games so far and I can honestly say my 60000+ ranking makes me look better than I really am, which is clearly sad.  Not sure why I sucked so bad at it so far as I'm pretty good at the single-player mode (which hasn't been very challenging so far but still fun) but oh well. 

  • We sold our old place the day we closed on the new house.  It was kind of stressful, as we definitely didn't want to have to deal with two mortgage payments, but the timing worked out perfectly in the end.

  • Belle, our pug, is all settled in and back to her 18 hr/day sleeping schedule.  All is well.

Now it's time to quit focusing on the whole house thing and get back to the work that's been piling up.

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  1. Hello Gus, I am Jamie, a new reader and fan of your blog. Good choice on the cable, I had the same issues with the DSL people. Congrat’s on the new house. Best Regards, Jamie.

  2. peter says:

    Since those DSL guys offer just contract and we have to move, we have to switch to cable. It is a nightmare! I’m spending my third day, trying to get what I need and prices – nothing is done online! Just calling and these guys don’t know anything!

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