Uptime 2000 – Displays system’s uptime transparently on your desktop

A tiny Win32 application (C++) that displays the system's up-time either in a small (transparent) window on your desktop or in a tool tip whenever you hover over the UpTime 2000 icon in the system tray.

Install Instructions:
Unzip the uptime2k.zip archive into a new directory.  Run the uptime.exe file and you should see the UpTime icon appear in the system tray immediately.  Add it to your startup folder to always have the icon in your tray.  Right-click the tray icon and set the options as you like.  To move the display around your desktop you should turn transparency off, move it to where you want it to be, and then turn transparency on once again.  You can now save your settings and every time UpTime 2000 starts up it'll use them automatically.   Once you've positioned it where you want it and set the colors appropriately, you should click the 'remember settings' option.  If you place a shortcut to the app in your startup folder, it'll start up the same way every time you restart your machine. 


Download: [Executable] --- [Source]

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  1. edmundo says:

    evil goto! Why not break?

    // Go through counter until we find the System Up Time counter

    for( j=0; j < PerfObj->NumCounters; j++ )


    // Find index 674, which is the System Up Time

    if (PerfCntr->CounterNameTitleIndex == 674)


    LONGLONG x,y,tb;

    LPVOID pb = (LPVOID)((PBYTE)PtrToCntr + PerfCntr->CounterOffset);

    x = *(LONGLONG*)pb;

    y = (LONGLONG)PerfObj->PerfTime.QuadPart;

    tb = (LONGLONG)PerfObj->PerfFreq.QuadPart;

    result = (y – x)/tb;

    goto exit;


    // Get the next counter

    PerfCntr = NextCounter(PerfCntr);



    // …

  2. Gus Perez says:

    I’m clueless as to why. I can only imagine the code was originally different and a goto made sense then. It’s been a while. I’ve updated it now though… Thanks.

  3. I love your uptime utility and it works wonderfully, but in case of suspend/hibernation it still displays time since last boot. Is there any way to have it deduct time in suspend/hibernation?

  4. Gus Perez says:

    Ivan, I’m not sure, and to be honest I’m probably not going to get to look into it any time soon. The performance counter I’m using doesn’t count suspends/hibernation as a restart, so depending on how you look at it, it’s doing the right thing. However, if you want to change it, feel free to try hacking it yourself as the code is available above. Thanks!

  5. Feroz Zahid (ferozzahid@usa.com) says:

    The uptime for a server would not be the time from reboot but the time for which primary LAN is enabled. Have you got a way to find that?

  6. Very cool app. I was working on a way to do this in C# when I cam across your page. I’m still going ahead with my C# version though.


  7. Feroz Zahid (ferozzahid@usa.com) says:

    Just to add : It works OK on Windows 2003 Server too. 🙂

  8. aBlogByGus says:

    Here’s the current list of available applications I’ve written that you are free to download and use. They’re currently linked over to entries on my work blog, but I’ll end up hosting everything here in the near future. RightSideUp: Application…

  9. RexMoonD says:

    How about running it as a service on Win2K3Ser using instsvr? It will install, but not start, any exe switches or command-line parameters I need to know about, or is it just not feasible with the app as it is currently designed?

  10. McoreD says:

    Great App! I wished this worked under a Limited User. Something is not allowing it. I am trying to figure this out in C#. Cheers, McoreD.

  11. LWL says:

    Thanks for the app and the source! I really only needed GetUpTime() and the functions in PerfData.cpp so I could write a command-line "uptime" executable. It’s unfortunate that in WinXP the only way to do this natively is to run

    > systeminfo | find "Up Time"

    but that takes time since ‘systeminfo’ collects a lot more info. I hope they use this in Vista. 😉

  12. buy xanax says:

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  13. Jawi says:


    Can you post the source please.

    The link is dead



  14. Hi Jawi, I’ve gone ahead and updated the link. Note it’s no longer the code for the latest version but close enough. The latest just has changes to safer string APIs. Other than that it didn’t really change much if I recall correctly.


  15. Features:A tiny Win32 application (C++) that displays the system’s up-time either in a small (transparent) window on your desktop or in a tool tip whenever you hover over the UpTime 2000 icon in the system tray.

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