I’ve decided. I’m making the move…

Goodbye Movable Type, hello .Text (and Scott).  My old blog will be stopped after my next post to it which will mention my move over to .Text and the blogs.msdn.com gang.  Moving weblogs is not fun but I'm pretty convinced it's worth doing at this time.  I've been dealing with a pretty painful comment spam problem that seems to get worse and worse every day.  Today, for example, I've deleted nine comments on it.  Yesterday I deleted seven.  I've also realized I end up staying behind on updates to Moveable Type as I never seem to dedicate any time to maintenance.  It also seems like a better deal to join the rest of my team on blogs.msdn.com than to continue going alone on my own server as I have for almost a year now.  It seems the blogging story at MSDN has become pretty stable and it's as good a time as ever to make the switch. 

The downside of moving is that people will have to update their links and aggregators to point to the new site and feed.  I'll also lose all the Google lovin' that has been built up over time will not be automatically routed over to the new site.  And another pain is that I probably won't be moving over all the existing content from the old blog to this one.  I haven't heard of a Movable Type to .Text migration path but if anyone knows of a way, please let me know!

Overall though, it seems like the benefits make the switch worth it.  We'll see how it goes... 

One other thing, I don't think I've run into many people in my life who are as helpful and eager to help as Scott is.  I've heard from many of my peers who've also had similar experiences with him and he was very helpful in getting me set up this time around.  Many thanks, Scott.  We all really appreciate your time and effort.

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  1. aBlogByGus says:

    I’ve decided to make the move. This is the last post I’ll be making on this weblog. All future posts will be made on the new one which you can find here. Please update your aggregators to point to the new RSS feed as well. My first post on the new site describes some of my rationale for the move… This site will be staying up for the foreseeable future and I’ll probably make a couple updates to the site to help direct folks who land here via Google but other than that it’ll pretty much become static. I’ll also probably be going through closing down the comment system so that it doesn’t overflow with comment spam. Anyway, hope to see you on the other side. Thanks!…

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