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Haven't touched it for quiet a while, tonight I suddenly feel motivated to fix a few old bugs on CSBlogger and the newest build is now available here.


Version Description Credit Bug fixes:
1) Error when retrieving post with an apostrophe(') in the title
2) Error with SetNamedNodeProperty when retrieving posts
3) Post content appears blank when opening the saved xml file
Craig and Scott


Besides the fixes I made, there may also be two behavior changes(good or bad) due to changes made on Community Server side(it seems like msdn is now running on CS 1.2):

a) The GetRecentPosts API issue is now fixed.

b) It seems a new bug is introduced with the EnableComments property: it is always set to false when post is retrieved from the server. When updating existing blog entries, please make sure "Enable comments" option is checked if you do want comments turned on.


Special notice to Community Server 1.0 users:

Because Community Server 1.1 is now available publicly, I decide not to maintain a separate binary for Community Server 1.0 any more. However, you can always download the source code and compile it for Community Server 1.0 if necessary.

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  1. KevinHarder says:

    Thanks for updating this! The download link seems to be unavailable at the moment, but I’m sure that’s just a temporary thing.

    blogs.msdn.com is currently running on a very early version of Community Server 1.2. It’s basically CS 1.1 with a few small bug fixes and enhancements.

    Also thank you for pointing out the EnableComments bug in the Community Server Weblog service. I just fixed this tonight in the CS 1.2 tree and it will be included in the next blogs.msdn version update which should be fairly soon.

    If you find anything else that doesn’t seem right with the CS service please let me know and I’ll make sure it gets fixed. Since most of the blog posting tools use the more limited MetaBlogAPI to be cross-platform compatible, you are one of the first people I know of that is using the CS weblog service! =)

  2. Erics Blog says:

    After quite many hours of hard work (in the middle of my 6 weeks long vacation) I have finally managed…

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