CSBlogger Take 2

Finally I was able to get CSBlogger also working with Community Server 1.0. In the mean time, a few minor bug fixes are made to make both the blogs.msdn.com and the CS1.0 edition. The new build is released at the same location here. Hopefully it will be stable enough for a while. Now I have some serious complaints on Community Server coming…

Comments (2)
  1. Any idea on source availability yet? (I promise not to sell it to anyone!) I would build my own, but I have no idea where to start, and kind of need a jumping point. I’d also like to get this to work with posting Gallery pictures, as I’ve expanded the Gallery Webservice to allow for this (not completely tested yet, but this would help that)

  2. guowu says:

    Ok, I will release it this week after getting two known bugs fixed.

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