RSS feeds for KB articles

Normally I don’t point people around. This one is too good to miss though: Microsoft is introducing RSS feeds that list the most recently published KB articles for many products.   [Update] – I took the time to create the OPML so that you don’t need to copy/paste the feeds into your news reader. You can…


Authoring XML schema (XSD) with InfoPath – Part II

Like I mentioned earlier, it is very easy to use InfoPath as an XML schema editor, with very little extra work:   Choose Design a form… from the File Menu in InfoPath. In the Design a new form task pane, select New Blank Form. Note, if you want to derive a schema from existing XML document or data…


CSBlogger 1.1 is released!

Available now here. I am little bit surprised that CSBlogger didn’t get much attention as its .Text cousin SimpleBlogger had. So I decide to list a few reasons why you should consider using CSBlogger  as your Community Server blog editor:   1) It provides features that are standard in Microsoft Office application, but not available…


Community Server Issues – Part II

A while back, I complained about the big pain caused by the SOAP header change between Community Server 1.0 and 1.1 web service APIs. Scott was kind enough to explain why they made the change. Still, getting my blog editor to work with both versions is painful. At first I went for the easy route…


Authoring XML schema (XSD) with InfoPath – Part I

Recently, I ran across Aaron Skonnard’s MSDN magazine articles talking about Contract First Service Development. The very first step of this so called “Contract-First” development process is to create the XML schema. And for that, Aaron recommended Visual Studio as one of the XSD editor. This reminds me to mention a frequently overlooked fact that…


Updates on CSBlogger and source code release

Some minor bug fixes are made. As always, the new build can be downloaded here. The source code is also posted there upon requests. You will find the source for the Community Server 1.0 edition under the “CS1.0” sub folder.   In the future, I might do a few blog entries on how the whole…


Creating LEAN_AND_MEAN Virtual Hard Disk (.vhd) Files

Not so recently I discovered a way that can significantly reduce VHD file sizes: I was able to reduce the sizes of all my VHDs down to 100MB or less bigger than what their guest operating systems report. Just today I compacted a Japanese Windows XP SP2 VHD  with a OS reported size of 1.70GB to 1.72GB, whereas the standard procedure…


Community Server Issues – Part I

Ok, seriously, I have encountered several problems on the web service APIs provided by Community Server during the process of creating this InfoPath blog client. It seems to me the forum at is not very active. Therefore I am posting it here in hope of getting someone’s attention.   Some of those issues I…


CSBlogger Take 2

Finally I was able to get CSBlogger also working with Community Server 1.0. In the mean time, a few minor bug fixes are made to make both the and the CS1.0 edition. The new build is released at the same location here. Hopefully it will be stable enough for a while. Now I have…


Here comes the CSBlogger

The download link and other information for CSBlogger, an InfoPath client for Community Server blogs, is now available here. Please post a comment under this post if you have questions or find bugs.