Now that I am ready to blah…

Finally I got my InfoPath blog client for .Text working as expected. Before I talk about it in details and share it with you, I'd like introduce a little about myself.
I am a tester in the Office Management and Updating Services team, formerly known as Office Sustaining Engineering Services. Our main job is to improve the quality of currently supported Microsoft Office products in the market by delivering hotfixes(a.k.a QFEs) to corporate customers and releasing public updates/service packs to Office users all over the world. Among the long list of Office products we deal with, I mainly work on two products: Word and InfoPath. In the future, I will post some tips, FAQs that I accumulate during working with those two products. Hopefully someone will find them useful, 🙂
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  1. Post some screenshots when you do, would be cool to see.

  2. guowu says:

    Thanks for reminding me. Added screenshots. Detail here:

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