How does Windows Live Messenger actually work?

An interesting post from the sources explaining how Windows Live (MSN) Messenger actually works behind the scenes. 1. The user starts the session by double clicking a contact.2. The user’s Windows Live ID credentials are sent across to the Windows Live ID Credentials server for further verification3. The information is passed through a incoming only firewall to…


TechEd: Developers – Good times to be a SQL Developer

Folks, these are good times to be a SQL Developer! Over the next few days more than 3500 developers will be heading to Barcelona Spain for the TechEd: Developers event. I’m very excited about the strong SQL Server line-up we will have and in addition, some really good news came in last-minute! We are now…


TechEd: Developers – SQL Server – Draft Session Update

So here we are, star date August 11th 2006 Still 4 months to go until TechEd Europe. But only 1 month to get your feedback on the TechEd: Developers SQL Server Track agenda ! Yes, we’ve been hearing your feedback and made changes to the SQL Server track agenda. I’d like to take this opportuntity…


TechEd: Developers – SQL Server – First list of draft sessions

Ok, so here’s a first draft of some of the SQL Server sessions that we are planning for TechEd: Developers 2006 Disclaimer: No commitmens, no guarantees, but I’d love your feedback on this 🙂 SQL Server Error Handling: T-SQL, SQLCLR and Clients Managing Semi-Structured and Unstructured Data: BLOBs, XML and FTS in SQL Server 2005…


TechEd 2006 Europe : Feedback & Suggestion request SQL Server Track

As you might know by now, TechEd Europe 2006 will be split in 2 events: TechEd: Developers TechEd: IT Forum See Kevin Ashby (Microsoft EMEA) and I will be owning the SQL Server/Database track again, it really is a fun & rewarding but hectic job. So here’s your chance to influence & provide feedback…


LINQ CTP – May 2006

On May 10th, the VB and C# teams issued an integrated CTP release of the Language Integrated Query (LINQ) project. Although some code has been delivered since the PDC, this will be the first major release since the PDC Tech Previews. The release will include updates to integrated querying for relational data, objects, and XML….


Microsoft Expression Web Designer CTP1 released !

So yes! We released the first CTP of Microsoft Expression Web Designer on Monday. Over the past 2 days I’ve been receiving a couple of questions on this – weird cause I’m not a designer a all – guess devs & designers are really close after all then! 🙂      So here’s a compiled…


Windows Workflow Beta 2.2 is live ! Download Page Bits Studio 2005 Extensions for Windows Workflow Foundation Beta 2_2(EN).exe Install Guide  VS Extensions Release Notes Runtime Release Notes