SQL User Group event : Secrets of Fast Detection and Recovery from Database Corruptions by Paul Randal

On Thu May 24, Paul Randal, Lead Program Manager in the SQL Server Storage Engine team will host a remote presentation at our MS premises in Diegem, Belgium.

How can you tell whether your data is corrupt? If you have corruption, how do you work out what's wrong with the database? How do you ensure you have a valid backup? If you don't have a valid backup, how and what do you repair? If you do have a backup, how do you work out whether you should restore or repair? And at what granularity? How do you go about determining what went wrong in the first place? It's all about limiting downtime and data-loss when a corruption occurs - from knowing the tools to understanding the choices to planning a successful strategy. Some of the features discussed: torn-page detection and page checksums, IO read-retry, backup checksums, consistency checks (DBCC CHECKDB and related commands), and database repairs. Facing database corruption is almost inevitable in every DBAs career - make sure you're prepared when it happens to you.

The starting hour 18:30, doors open from 18:00 hour.

The event will take place in the offices of:

Microsoft Av. Culliganlaan 1A, 1831 Diegem.

Registration is open:

See you there!

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