Microsoft ProClarity Analytics Platform 6.3 (English) releases to manufactoring !

Microsoft ProClarity Analytics Server 6.3 (English) and Microsoft ProClarity Desktop Professional 6.3 (English) have RTM'ed !
This is the first release by the ProClarity team since Microsoft acquired ProClarity in May, 2006.


What is new in Version 6.3

·         Version 6.3 contains a number of security fixes as a result of following the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL)

·         Support for the following products and platforms:

·         Microsoft Office 2007

·         Internet Explorer 7

·         Microsoft Windows Vista

·         Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

·         Added support for Microsoft  SQL 2005 local cube files

·         Business Reporter for Excel has been discontinued. The replacement product for BRE is Excel 2007, which has superior capabilities for free-form placement and formatting of OLAP data.

·         Active (live) export to PowerPoint has been removed from the product.


Version 6.3 Packaging

Two CDs:

1.       Microsoft ProClarity Analytics Server CD:   Analytics Server, Dashboard Server, Business Logic Server and Web Professional

2.       Microsoft ProClarity Desktop Professional CD:  Desktop Professional



Enjoy the BI-stack !  😉

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