Who needs these newfangled blobs?

When I was a kid, I went to school in a one-room schoolhouse heated by a wood stove and had to walk 5 miles through the snow to get there.  If you didn’t know an answer, the teacher (they called him the master) hit you with a birch rod.  And all our CS assignments had to be written in COBOL.  But now young people think they’re sooo cool, they don’t write letters — nooo, it’s e-mail — and they don’t write compositions — nooo, it’s blobs.  What are these blobs anyway?  When I was coming up, a blob was some kind of gelatinous mass we used to fish out of the pond when the sunnies weren’t biting.  Now they’re saying …  What?  Never mind …

Baby Script

Comments (4)

  1. typoo says:

    Hooray! I was wondering why you weren’t blogging yet. I thought maybe the MSDN guys wouldn’t let you in….

  2. Greg Stemp says:

    Actually, if the MSDN guys knew who we were, the probably WOULDN’T let us in! Best we keep this our little secret, eh?

  3. Mo says:

    Perhaps the answer to "what is a blob?" shows your age. For me, it’s a "Binary Large OBject". The first time I heard of one was reading Borland documentation for Paradox (on paper, no less!)

    Before that, The Blob was just a horror movie..

  4. Greg Stemp says:

    What, are you implying that the Scripting Guys are old?!? Why, if I could just fine my cane I would give you such a thrashing …. Tarnation!

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