Windows XP Service Pack 2 Application Compatibility Scripts

One of the developer resources useful to IT folks that you might overlook in the vastness of is — deep breath — the Application Compatibility Testing and Mitigation Guide for Windows XP Service Pack 2 This download contains documentation and scripts for handling issues of application compatibility that also deal with problems that most…


New Scripting Guys webcast on scripting Windows XP Service Pack 2 available on-demand

The latest Scripting Guys’ Webcast took place Friday, October 8th, and is now available from the TechNet Webcast archives in on-demand video form. It’s called Scripting with Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2: SOS! and you can find it at: By the way, you now need to register for the event to view the on-demand…


Hey, Scripting Guy! Daily Column


Extreme file and folder scripting: Listing a directory tree recursively – Day 2 – Using WMI

BabyScript   Now that we’ve glanced at recursion out of the corner of our eye (on Day 1) and lived, it’s time to stare straight-on into the unspeakable horror of the Medusa Code.  If you have sunglasses, please put them on now.  If you try to speak its name, Files-list-recurse-wmi.vbs, we won’t be responsible for…


Extreme file and folder scripting: Listing a directory tree recursively. Day 1 – Using FilesSystemObject

BabyScript   If you attended Day 3 of the Scripting Week webcasts, “Scripting Files and Folders Makes Me Happy”, you may recall an odd and vaguely menacing script in the second section on WMI.  It bristled with strange code and was labeled “Bonus: listing a folder tree,” but we didn’t discuss it.  As Dr….