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NoReplyAll Add-In 3.0

A new version of the add-in is now available. The significant change is in the installation process, from plain (and simple!) ClickOnce to MSI, as described in my last post. The new version should load faster (for a start, Outlook 2013 doesn’t wag a finger at it for taking a long time, at least not… Read more

WiX installer for VSTO projects

A few people have been asking me for something akin to an MSI-based installer for my NoReplyAll tool but I’ve not been able to treat this as particularly high priority. Those of you with Office 2013 might have noticed Outlook pointing the finger of shame at add-ins which take what it deems to be too… Read more


As you’ll have no doubt noticed, when you build and run within Visual Studio, Outlook loads the add-in. This is because building the project includes a step for registration with Outlook. (Doing a “build clean” will, symmetrically, unregister it.) This is fine and dandy if you’re the only user, but obviously you’ll need to wrap it… Read more